Interuniversity Master in Mobile Communication and Digital Content

The Master in Mobile Communication and Digital Content seeks to specialize postgraduate students in the knowledge and application of techniques and strategies for the development, management and analysis of content in the digital environment with special attention to mobile devices and application environments. , as well as in the investigation of new formats, narrative strategies, industries, professional profiles and trends in cultural consumption typical of the digital and mobile field.

The master's degree articulates its competences and content around three key aspects of digital content:

  • Market: Structure and transformation of the digital market of the content industries from the development of digital and mobile communications (new actors, business models, distribution channels, new advertising models, regulatory framework ...).
  • Products: New content formats and creative strategies: transmedia integration, integration in social networks, etc.
  • Tools and technologies: Languages, platforms and tools for creating digital content with special attention to mobile devices; new technologies for the added value of digital content (geolocation, augmented reality, profile management, targeted advertising, etc.)

These three axes imply special attention to the impact that the progressive integration between fixed Internet and mobile Internet has for the content industries (new intermediaries, new distribution channels, etc.) and also as a horizon where tools and techniques for creation emerge , dissemination and management of digital content.

This degree is Interuniversity and is attached to the E.T.S. of Telecommunications Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and the Faculty of Communication and Documentation of the University of Murcia

Study plan favorably evaluated by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation. Authorized its implementation by the Government Council of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia according to Decree No. 190/2014 of August 1.