The adequacy of university studies to European Higher Education Area (EHEA) it requires coherence and quality of the teaching activity, so as to guarantee, not only the learning outcomes, but also the acquisition of the competences that ensure the adequate training of the graduates.

In this context, and taking into account the impact of the title evaluation processes carried out by the National Agency of Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) , the UPCT has a Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIC) , which describes the structure and procedures necessary to control, review and improve the official degree and master's degrees of the centers of the UPCT.


ETSIT implemented its two Bachelor's degrees, Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering (GIST) and Bachelor's Degree in Telematic Engineering (GIT) in the 2010-11 academic year and the Master's Degree in Telecommunication Engineering (MUIT) in the academic year 2013-14. Since then, the three titles have been periodically subjected to different QUALITY assessment processes by an external auditor: the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA). This process is established in the current Spanish legislation that regulates the organization of official university education in Spain.




ANECA evaluates the adequacy of degrees, analyzing the acquisition of competences by students and the assessment mechanisms of said acquisition that the University has developed for each degree, as well as the evolution of results.


The ETSIT degrees have gone through different evaluation processes that have taken place at different stages in the life of the degrees:

  • 2009-10: Prior to the introduction of the ANECA title, through the program VERIFICA, evaluate its design. All three ETSIT titles were verified.

  • 2014-15: Monitoring of the development of its implementation through the program MONITOR

  • 2016-17: Cyclical process of renewal of the accreditation of the same to maintain its status as an official title, through the program ACREDITA.

  • 2016-2017: Process (optional) to opt for International Quality Seal EUR-ACE®, which is granted by ANECA in collaboration with the Institute of Engineering of Spain (IIE) and the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAAE).

  • In 2017 the three titles received a favorable report on their latest evaluation processes: ACREDITA and the EUR-ACE® International Quality Seal.

  • All the information about the Quality processes of the titles can be found in the links at the beginning of this page.