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The ETSIT academic staff is strongly involved in research, development and innovation activities. More than 90% of the teaching staff is a Doctor, which has a positive impact on the training of students and the quality of the Degrees taught at the Center.

The intense research activity of our teaching staff is carried out within various Research Groups related to telematic engineering, electronics or electromagnetism applied to telecommunications, signal processing, computer languages and systems, mobile communications, radio communications, numerical methods or astrophysics. These Research Groups participate in numerous research projects and contracts together with other universities, companies, or institutions, both regionally, nationally and internationally, which allows our students to have up-to-date information on the business and research world.

The research production of the ETSIT is well valued at the national level, occupying the 8th position (out of 20 listed) in the discipline of "Telecommunications", according to the ranking I-UGR. The position is outstanding considering that there are more than 30 listed schools that offer Telecommunications-related degrees in Spain, some of them much larger than this Center. Among the data of interest measured by this ranking is the number of publications in the first quartile, half of the ETSIT-UPCT publications (50 out of 98) are located in this quartile.