Technical School of Telecommunication Engineering (ETSIT)

The School of Telecommunication Engineering at the Technical University of Cartagena offers you the opportunity to become a high-tech specialist in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering applied to Telecommunication Systems and Telematics.

Our mission is to train competent and responsible Telecommunication Engineers, committed to society and involved in its continuous improvement.

Together with a solid foundation in basic science, our degrees cover a wide range of fields in electronics, computers, communications, and signal processing. This is the ideal choice for students interested in developing a long lasting and successful career in modern high-tech electronics, computers, and communications industries.

All undergraduate and graduate programmes at ETSIT have been awarded the EUR-ACE Label by the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE). EUR-ACE® is a framework and accreditation system that provides a set of standards that identifies high-quality engineering degree programmes in Europe and abroad.


All programmes are taught in Spanish, but there is a wide range of individual courses offered in English (see below).

Bachelor and Master programmes

Undergraduate programmes

During the first two years of study our students acquire a solid foundation in the different fields of science necessary for understanding engineering at an advanced level. This includes extensive mathematics courses, as well as physics, electromagnetism, semiconductors, electronics, and computer science. As soon as the scientific foundations are laid, our students progress to the foundations of telecommunication theory, systems, networks, and services. Next, during the following two years our students specialize in one of two possible degrees:

BSc in Telecommunication Systems Engineering covers the whole range of communication systems and technology, including mobile or wireless communications, microwave propagation, antennas, optical communications, electronics, or instrumentation, to name just a few of the many fields of study of this degree.

BSc in Telematics Engineering covers computer networks, internet, cybersecurity, data transmission, hardware architecture, or digital media, to name just some examples of the many fascinating subjects of modern technology that you will learn in this degree.

Graduates from our faculty are present in the most prestigious high-tech multinational companies all over the world such as Intel, Google, Siemens, Indra, Repsol and Navantia, to name just a few. The European space industry and other high-tech industries are also among the favourite destinations of our students.

From traditional high-tech poles such as the Silicon Valley in California to Germany’s most modern science and technology park at Berlin Adlershof Science City, or Ireland’s new high-tech global hub, our graduates develop highly successful careers in the world’s most prestigious research and innovation centres.

The reputation of our graduates is well known among the European high-tech industry and our students are offered positions at the highest salary levels in the market immediately after completion of their studies. Companies in the high-tech sector as well as research and innovation centres appreciate and recognize our student’s broad theoretical and scientific knowledge, as well as our extensive practical hands-on laboratory training in all disciplines of Telecommunications and Microelectronics. The capacity of our students for self-learning is another characteristic on which we lay special emphasis during our courses, since we believe that it is fundamental for a successful future career in the rapidly evolving and highly competitive high-tech industry.

List of courses in English (bachelor program) including the module description:

Please note, that these courses are not offered for each semester (see third column of the table).

Master programmes

The MSc in Telecommunication Engineering covers all aspects related to Electrical and Electronic Engineering applied to Telecommunication Systems.

Mobile communications, Network security, Photonics, Microelectronics, Terrestrial and Space systems, in combination with Radar or Radionavigation systems, are all part of this unique degree that qualifies you to become a modern professional, highly demanded by modern industry.

Enrol this MSc degree and become an advanced trained Telecommunication Systems Engineer, with excellent prospects to take your next step in your future professional career.

Semesters 1 to 3

The 3rd semester offers the opportunity for students to travel abroad to continue their studies.

The MSc in Network Engineering qualifies professionals and researchers with the skills required in a number of areas that are experiencing considerable expansion, such as cybersecurity, virtualization of networks and systems, Internet of Things, the analysis of massive data (Big Data) and the application of Artificial Intelligence to a multitude of applications and services.

Our program also includes the development of complex software projects, virtual and augmented reality, as well as solid fundamentals of network engineering and online administration.

The Masters relies on the collaboration of professionals from the private sector, who will teach part of the contents.

The 3rd semester offers the opportunity for students to travel abroad to continue their studies.

Final Project Proposals / Trabajo Fin de Estudios (TFE)

Updated list for GIST and GIT: an abstract of the proposal in English is available for the projects offered to international students (click on title in English to uncover the abstract). If you are interested in a project or a topic related to any proposal you would like to work on, contact the supervisor for further information (click on the name of the supervisor to get contact details).

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