The School

The mission of the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering (ETSIT) is to train competent and responsible Telecommunications Engineers in their work, committed to the society in which they live and involved in their continuous improvement.

All ETSIT members, students, teachers, and administration and service staff are committed to this mission. Around her, we form a community that works to provide our students with the training they need to become competent professionals and grow as individuals. To do this, we try to encourage collaborative study, teamwork, and participation in extra-academic activities in order to foster camaraderie and provide our students with a life-changing, transformative experience, beyond purely academic activities. We want our students to feel like a member of the ETSIT community from the first day and to participate in its mission, of which they are the main beneficiaries.

The career prospects of a Telecommunication Engineer are magnificent. The architects of the new technological revolution that is already underway are, to a large extent, Telecommunications Engineers. Being on the front line offers us great opportunities, but it also demands a lot from us. It is not enough to be technically competent. Communication and leadership skills, creativity, adaptation to constantly changing technologies, an entrepreneurial spirit, social responsibility and professional ethics are as necessary for the exercise of the profession as technical knowledge.

The School has the human and material resources necessary to train future engineers. Our classrooms and laboratories are modern and constantly renewed. The academic and research level of our teaching staff is very high, with professionals of recognized prestige at the national and international level, and the Management of the School constantly monitors the quality of teaching. We make sure that the Study Plans are up-to-date and that the contents of the subjects are relevant and the level of demand according to the quality of the degrees.

In our work we are encouraged by the vocation of service to our students and the desire to fulfill the mission that society has assigned us. We know that we work with and for people, we know that the years spent at the University mark the rest of life and that is why we put all our will, capacity and interest in making the people who train with us become competent professionals. and responsible and in people involved and committed to the society in which they live. That's what we're here for.


The Higher Technical School of Telecommunication Engineering (ETSIT) of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) began its career in teaching and research in the 1999/2000 academic year, teaching the now-defunct degrees of Telecommunications Engineering and Technical Telecommunications Engineering , Telematics specialty.

From its creation until 2005 ETSIT was located in the Hospital de Marina, sharing facilities with the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering. In 2005, ETSIT moved to the old Antigones Barracks, a renovated building to house the School and Room 2 of the UPCT Documentation Service.

Since the 2010/2011 academic year, the ETSIT offers the official degrees of Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication Systems and Bachelor of Telematic Engineering. In parallel, the official degrees that were taught since the creation of ETSIT have been progressively extinguished. Since the 2013/2014 academic year, ETSIT has also offered official studies for the Master's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering. From the Master's studies you can access the Doctoral Program in Information and Communication Technologies, offered by the UPCT Doctoral School.

Currently more than 750 students are enrolled in the ETSIT and it has 85 professors (72 of them PhDs), most of them researchers, which results in an intense investigative activity carried out within Research groups in different fields such as telematic engineering, electronics or electromagnetism applied to telecommunications, signal processing, computer languages ¿¿and systems, mobile communications, radio communications, numerical methods or astrophysics. Our professors participate in numerous research projects or contracts together with other universities, companies, or institutions, at a regional, national or international level, which allows our students to be able to do internships in companies or complete their training abroad through programs international such as ERASMUS (ETSIT has agreements with 41 foreign universities from various countries such as France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Austria, etc.).

The ETSIT has a Grades Hall, 12 teaching classrooms with Internet access and more than 16 fully equipped teaching laboratories for the practice of our students in the various degrees offered.